Stop the NHI Petition

Stop the NHI Petition

Stop the NHI - Your Voice Helps! 🔎

This one of the most important legations we need to stop collectively.

A plea to protect the autonomy of healthcare providers.

The NHI Bill and why every single South African should fight it!

As South Africans we know by now that numerous bills which is government driven is highly likely to have a political motive. For any system to work, the public needs to have faith in governments ability to regulate and manage funds. In a government where corruption and theft seems to be at the order of the day, do you really want to entrust them with your hard-earned cash and the health of both you and your loved ones?

South Africa has long been a leader in personal healthcare independence, but the NHI Bill would put that ideal at risk by transferring all citizens to a government-run system. By signing this petition, which oppose the NHI Bill, you will show your solidarity for freedom as far as healthcare in South Africa is concerned. Despite the bill which preaches a goal of universal access, it endangers not only said freedom, but public finances, and the quality of healthcare as a whole.

There are countless reasons to add your signature to this petition, some of which are:

• When healthy people have to pay for sick people, it puts a strain on taxpayers.
• The NHI's financial details are not clear, which causes confusion and worries about transparency.
• Health incentives are going down and if people don't have as many financial reasons to stay healthy, their general health may go down too.
• Employees in the medical aid arena run the risk of being laid off. In a country where the unemployment rate is amongst the highest in the world, this will be catastrophic.
• South Africa is already losing skilled experts in numerous fields, and should this bill being passed; many medical practitioners might also leave the country in search of greener pastures. This will most definitely create a shortage in the healthcare industry as well as the quality of care given. It will most likely result in fewer healthcare facilities as well.
• There is currently already high volumes of patients requiring urgent and basic medical attention. As it is at present, numerous of these patients already have to wait in line for operations to take place. Can you imagine how much worse this will be should this bill be passed? The quality of care will be impacted badly.

Add your name to this petition, because should the NHI Bill be passed, the few wheels left on the beautiful bus we call home - South Africa - will surely also come undone.
Support your freedom of choice.

Sign this petition.
It’s the right thing to do.

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