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Whether you’re a new dog owner or looking to switch policies, our guide is designed to help you understand the top factors that influence pet insurance choices, from coverage types and exclusions to premiums and deductibles.


In this guide we’ll show you the best insurance for dogs, as well as:




Read on to learn how you can secure peace of mind with the right pet insurance plan for your beloved dog.



How to choose the best pet insurance for your dog


Choosing the right pet insurance for your dog is an important decision that can affect both your finances and your pet’s health. Here are some tops tips to consider when choosing the best pet insurance for your dog:



Understand the Types of Coverage


Pet insurance policies can vary widely. Some cover accidents only, while others include illnesses, hereditary conditions, and even routine wellness visits. Decide what type of coverage is most important based on your dog’s age, breed, and health history.


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Check for Exclusions and Limits


Look carefully at what each policy does not cover. Some common exclusions include pre-existing conditions, breed-specific hereditary conditions, and certain types of illnesses or injuries. Also, check the limits on payouts, which can be per incident, annually, or over the lifetime of the pet.



Consider the Deductible and Reimbursement Levels


Choose a deductible that you can comfortably afford in case of a sudden need for veterinary care. Most policies offer a range of deductibles. Be sure that you understand the reimbursement model — whether it’s a percentage of the cost after the deductible is met, or if it operates on a benefit schedule.



Look at the Premium Costs


Premiums can vary based on breed, age, and the extent of coverage. Make sure you can comfortably fit the insurance premium into your budget, but also consider how paying a higher premium might provide your pet more comprehensive coverage.



Read Reviews and Get Recommendations


Check consumer reviews and ratings for different insurance providers. It can be beneficial to ask your veterinarian or other dog owners about their experiences with pet insurance to gauge satisfaction and reliability.



Understand the Policy’s Waiting Periods


Most insurance plans have a waiting period before coverage starts, especially for illnesses or certain conditions. Make sure you know how long this period is, so you aren’t caught off guard if your pet needs care.



Examine the Company’s Reputation and Stability


Research the insurance provider’s history and financial stability. A company that has been around for a long time and has a solid financial foundation is more likely to be reliable in terms of paying claims.



Consider the Ease of Making Claims


Look into how claims are processed and what the typical turnaround time is for reimbursement. Some companies offer direct payment to vets, which can significantly reduce upfront costs.



Plan for Future Coverage Needs


Consider how your dog’s age might affect coverage and costs. Some policies may increase premiums or reduce coverage as your dog gets older, or may not cover senior-related issues if the policy is started when the dog is older.



Review Annually


Your dog’s insurance needs can change as they age and as your financial situation evolves. Review your policy and shop around annually to see if another plan fits your needs better as circumstances change.



Benefits of Having Pet Insurance in South Africa



The Best Pet Insurance for Dogs


Below we review the best pet insurance providers and plans for your dogs.




Oneplan Pet Insurance



OnePlan Pet Insurance is recognized as one of the leading pet insurance providers in South Africa, known for its affordability and comprehensive coverage options.


OnePlan offers several plans including Accidental, Hospital, Classic, and Super, each designed to cater to different levels of need and budget constraints. These plans cover a range of services from accidents and illnesses to routine care​.


The insurance plans offered by OnePlan are customizable, giving pet owners the flexibility to adjust their coverage according to their specific needs and financial situations​.


OnePlan is praised for its straightforward policies and easy-to-understand coverage, which helps pet owners make informed decisions about the insurance that best fits their needs.



Accident Plan


This entry-level plan is priced from R80 per month and primarily covers hospital admission for accidents. It also includes burial and cremation expenses but has limited day-to-day benefits and a relatively low overall annual limit of R8,500​.



Hospital Plan


Starting at R190 per month, this plan includes hospitalisation costs due to accidents or illnesses, diagnostic tests, treatments, medications, and surgery. It provides an annual limit of up to R15,000 for hospital expenses and includes kennel cover if the owner is hospitalized​.



Classic Plan


This plan encompasses features of both the Accident and Hospital plans, with added benefits for routine care such as vet visits and pet-med savings. It offers broader coverage with an annual limit of R18,000, and allows enhancements through add-ons like a Diagnostics Booster​.



Super Plan


The most comprehensive option, the Super Plan starts at R480 per month and covers all types of accidents, illnesses, routine care, and even hereditary, congenital, and pre-existing conditions. It’s designed for pet owners seeking extensive coverage and peace of mind​.



What is the monthly premium for the plans from OnePlan?


The various plans from OnePlan start at R80 and a month and range up to R430 per month, depending on the plan you select.



What Is the Waiting Period for OnePlan Pet Insurance Benefits?


OnePlan Pet Insurance has specified waiting periods for their pet insurance plans, which you’ll need to consider before your coverage can fully kick in:






How to Claim for OnePlan Pet Insurance Benefits








OnePlan Pet Insurance Contact Details


163 5th Street Nelson Mandela Square

South Tower 2nd Floor







PawPaw Pet Insurance


Paw Paw Pet Insurance



PawPaw Pet Insurance offers a range of insurance plans for dogs in South Africa, providing comprehensive and accident-only coverage. They focus on affordability, reliability, and the flexibility to meet the unique needs of each pet and owner.


PawPaw’s policies are underwritten by Renasa Insurance Company Ltd, ensuring reliability and compliance with local insurance regulations. Their plans are tailored to not exclude any breed-related conditions, and they offer a simple and fast claims process, usually settling claims within 72 hours​.


These plans are suitable for pet owners looking for comprehensive or specific accident coverage, with the added benefits of quick claim processing and no exclusions for breed-related health issues.



Comprehensive Plan


This plan offers extensive coverage with no annual limits or sub-limits. It includes accident and illness cover, day-to-day benefits, hospital cover, and virtual vet access. This plan also provides lifestyle benefits like annual health checks and socialization classes, and is available starting from R290 per month for dogs​.



Smart Plan


With an annual limit of R30,000, this plan offers a balance of coverage and cost. It includes similar benefits to the Comprehensive Plan but with specified per claim limits, making it a versatile choice starting at R195 per month for dogs​.



Accident Plans


PawPaw provides two levels of accident-only coverage — Accident 10 and Accident 20, offering R10,000 and R20,000 coverage respectively. These plans are priced from R70 per month and are designed to cover unexpected accidents without any waiting period​.



What is the monthly premium for the PawPaw pet insurance plans?


There are various prices for the different plans from PawPaw. These start at R70 per month and can go up to R225 per month, depending on the plan that you choose.



What Is the Waiting Period for PawPaw Pet Insurance Benefits?


Typically, PawPaw Pet Insurance has the following waiting periods:





How to Claim for PawPaw Pet Insurance Benefits








PawPaw Pet Insurance Contact Details


29th Floor

The Box

9 Lower Burg St

Cape Town City Centre

Cape Town






MediPet Pet Insurance



MediPet Pet Insurance is a well-regarded provider in South Africa, known for its comprehensive and flexible pet insurance options tailored for dogs and cats. Founded in 2007 by a veterinary nurse, MediPet has grown to become a leading name in pet insurance, offering policies that cover a wide range of needs without the constraints of breed restrictions or sub-limits on claims​.


MediPet also offers unique add-ons such as Day-to-Day Routine Care, which covers preventative care costs, and a Premium Saver option, which provides a discount on premiums for those willing to accept a higher excess on claims​.


Overall, MediPet stands out with a focus on genuine, comprehensive coverage supported by a team with in-house veterinary expertise, ensuring a high rate of claim approvals and customer satisfaction​.



Essential Plan


This plan provides a balance of affordability and coverage, offering up to R60,000 per year for accidents, illnesses, holistic wellness, and behavioural therapy. It’s a popular choice for those looking for comprehensive care at a reasonable price​.



Ultimate360 Plan


As the most comprehensive option, this plan increases the coverage to R72,000 annually and includes benefits like prescription food, dental care, and chronic care support. It’s designed for pet owners who seek the most extensive coverage for their pets​.



Accident Plan


Aimed at covering accidents only, this plan is suitable for older pets or those specifically looking for accident coverage without the broader scope of illness protection​.



What is the monthly premium for the plans from Medipet?


Plan prices from Medipet are tailored to your specific requirements and can be obtained by requesting a quote directly from the insurance provider on their website.



What Is the Waiting Period for Medipet Insurance Benefits?


MediPet Pet Insurance has specific waiting periods for their coverage which are designed to prevent claims for conditions that appear just after the policy begins:






How to Claim for Medipet Insurance Benefits


To submit a claim with MediPet Pet Insurance, follow these steps to ensure a smooth process:









Medipet Insurance Contact Details


Unit 4 Silverwood Cl


Cape Town




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Dotsure Pet Insurance


Dotsure Pet Insurance offers a variety of plans tailored to meet the needs of pet owners, ensuring that dogs, as well as other pets, receive comprehensive coverage.



Basic Plan


This plan includes coverage for both accidents and partial illness claims. The plan reimburses up to 50% of the costs for illness treatments alongside full accident coverage. It introduces a 30-day waiting period for illness claims, with no waiting period for accidents.



Standard Plan


The Standard Plan provides comprehensive coverage for both accidents and illnesses. This plan covers a broader range of medical issues including hereditary and congenital conditions. It maintains a 30-day waiting period for illness claims and includes third-party liability coverage.



Superior Plan


The Superior Plan offers extensive coverage including accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions, and wellness benefits. This plan includes routine care such as vaccinations and dental check-ups, with a waiting period of 30 days for illness and 12 months for hereditary conditions. Third-party liability is also covered.



What is the monthly premium for the Dotsure Plans?


Premiums start from as low as R85 per month for the basic accident coverage, going up to R1,199 per month for the Ultimate -change to Superior plan, which offers the broadest coverage​.



What Is the Waiting Period for Dotsure Benefits?


When you sign up for Dotsure pet insurance, there is usually a waiting period before the coverage starts. There are different waiting times for each type of coverage.


Most of the time, you have to wait 24 hours after an accident before your insurance starts to pay out.
For medical illnesses, most of the time you have to wait 14 days. Usually, you have to wait 30 days before this coverage kicks in for regular and preventative medical care.



How to Claim for Dotsure Pet Insurance Benefits








Dotsure Pet Insurance Contact Details


117a York St

George Central





OUTsurance Pet Insurance


OUTsurance Pet Insurance


OUTsurance offers a range of pet insurance plans for dogs, each designed to suit different needs and budgets.


Each of these plans is tailored to provide varying levels of protection, from basic accident coverage to comprehensive health care, including routine and preventive treatments.


OUTsurance also offers a multiple pet discount, making it more economical for households with more than one pet. Tailored premiums ensure that you only pay for the coverage your pet needs, potentially lowering your overall insurance costs​.



Accidental Cover


This basic plan provides coverage exclusively for accidents, with an annual limit of R16,000 and a per-claim limit of R9,500. There’s no waiting period for accident claims, making it a straightforward option for immediate coverage needs​.



Core Cover


This plan expands on the Accidental by including illness cover, with an overall annual limit of R44,000. It covers both accidents and illnesses, with illness claims subject to a 60-day waiting period. The plan also covers hereditary, congenital, and pre-existing conditions after a 12-month waiting period, making it a comprehensive choice for broader protection​.



Standard Cover


Similar to the Core, but with additional features such as Help-Pet-OUT, which covers rehabilitation treatments, advertising costs for a lost pet, and emergency kennel fees. It has the same annual limit as the Core plan but includes routine care benefits like vaccinations and sterilization, covered after a 30-day waiting period​.



Executive Cover


The most comprehensive plan offered, with an annual limit of R65,000. It includes all the benefits of the Standard plan plus higher claim limits and the addition of Pet-Act-OUT, which covers behavioural treatments and puppy classes. Like the Standard plan, it also offers routine care and third-party liability coverage​.



What is the monthly premium for the OUTsurance Pet Insurance Accidental Plan?


Prices for each plan are determined by your specific circumstances and cover requirements and can be determined by requesting a personal quote.



What Is the Waiting Period for OUTsurance Pet Insurance Benefits?


For OUTsurance Pet Insurance, these are the usual wait periods:






How to Claim for OUTsurance Pet Insurance Benefits









OUTsurance Pet Insurance Contact Details


1241 Embankment Rd

Zwartkop Ext 7


South Africa



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Frequently Asked Questions


What factors should I consider when choosing pet insurance for my dog?

When selecting pet insurance, consider coverage options like accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions, and wellness care. Look at the deductible amounts, reimbursement levels, and annual or per-incident limits. It’s also important to review the insurer’s reputation, customer service, and the speed of claim processing. Policies may differ in coverage for pre-existing conditions and age limits for older pets.



Are pre-existing conditions covered by pet insurance?

Most pet insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions. These are health issues that were diagnosed or showed symptoms before the start of an insurance policy or during a waiting period. However, some plans might cover curable conditions after a certain period without symptoms, typically around 12 months.



What is the difference between accident-only and comprehensive pet insurance plans?

Accident-only plans cover vet bills only if your dog is hurt in an accident but do not cover illnesses. Comprehensive plans cover both accidents and illnesses and can also include coverage for hereditary conditions, prescription medications, and even routine care depending on the policy.



How does the reimbursement process work in pet insurance?

Most pet insurance operates on a reimbursement model. You pay the vet bills upfront and submit a claim to the insurance company. After processing, the insurance typically reimburses you a percentage of the covered costs, based on your plan’s deductible and co-pay terms. The percentage of reimbursement can vary from 70% to 90% or more, depending on the policy.



Can I use my own veterinarian, or do I need to use a network provider?

Most pet insurance companies allow you to use any licensed veterinarian or emergency care facility. There are no network restrictions like human health insurance plans, which provides flexibility for you to continue using a vet you trust or seek specialty care if needed.


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